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Game Art Production
Game Art Production
What is Game Art Production?
The generation of a game is a complex interaction procedure. First, we create the storyline and play design, and then we prepare the necessary volume of substance. At last, we benchmark our item. As an outcome, a game is made that is prepared for free distribution or selling. Next essential phase of activity on the draft is its market promotion, as well as legal security for the owner and his copyrights.

Our development team in the game art field ensures high quality at each phase of the creation process. Virtual Electronics artists and illustrators use various toolkits to build up attractive 3D models, interfaces, animations and so on. Our portfolio abounds in examples of works that demonstrate the quality of services we offer.

Service provided in partnership with Collateral Damage Studios.
How it works?
How it works?
Step 1
We encourage new ideas and thinking outside the box that is why we easily involve and get interested geniuses among qualified artists and developers.
Step 2
We are able to involve new developers for Game Art in your team or reduce their number depending on operating load fast to optimize team performance.
Step 3
Thanks to cooperation with customers from the European Union, the USA and other countries we enrich our experience, which allows us to reach impressive results and meet all the requirements of our clients irrespective of their cultural particularities and goals.
Service Details
Service Details
Virtual Electronics developers work separately or in collaboration with customer’s engineers to create a product.

Every resource undergoes qualification before being presented to the customer and our developers ensure the best quality of each element of the project.
Technological characteristics
We create a conception for playing, consider the mechanism of the playing, and select the suitable platform (Android or iOS). After preparing the engineering task, you can define the total price of the draft.
Development of playing
We compose software code, carry out playing graphics (interaction and animation) with the capacity to put into practice 2D or 3D items.
Audio designing
We introduce musical accompaniment, work with speech and other sound effects to gain high inspiration.
Approbation of final software version
This phase enables us to reveal and rectify insignificant failures or malfunction of separate frameworks.
Product release
Released portable playings are hosted on the appropriate online assets of Google Play or the App Store. The software turns accessible for clients.
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