Developing Internet of Things applications
Developing Internet of Things applications
What is Internet of Things?
The Internet of Things is a web made up of interrelated physical subject, goods or appliance that have embedded sensing elements, as well as programs that provide data transfer and interaction between the environment and computer networks.

The concept involves a large spectrum of utilization, from consumer devices such as intellectual domestic decisions or pet trackers, sensing elements for husbandry or agricultural land, to industrial assets such as vehicles, robotics, oil and gas facilities, or even staff members.

IoT technology is the future of many industries that unlocks possibilities for making timely data-driven decisions and provides knowledge-based solutions.

Experts at Virtual Electronics know that making an IoT solution requires considerable resources and substantially extends production cycles. We are here to help your company develop the IoT technology, scale your business capabilities and increase profitability.
How it works?
How it works?
Opportunities of IoT
Step 1
Opportunities of IoT
You can use the most advanced technologies to start making decisions based on deep understanding of your equipment. The new intelligent technologies, tools and programs for enhanced data analysis connected in one IoT platform can tell you everything you need to know about the state of your transactions. In this new age of IoT you can easily learn more about your customers and equipment performance.
IoT decisions for company
Step 2
IoT decisions for company
Make the most of your assets and increase your business capacities by integrating IoT solutions in your business and your products. Become more flexible with your clients and let their number grow when you offer them new models of interaction such as pay-per-use or smart subscription when they pay only for the active use time of your product. Obtain new kinds of IoT data and make additional profits from monetizing it or initiate a new service line powered by IoT.
Security of IoT toolkit
Step 3
Security of IoT toolkit
We always focus on our clients’ safety when working on IoT products. Our team experts are ready to consult you on best security practices most suitable for your exact business and implement the most advanced solutions to protect you from cyberattacks. We can ensure the safety of your business and worry-free expansion of your IoT networks towards new markets and customers.
Service Details
Service Details
Make your enterprise more rival with IoT
Make your smart systems more reliable and fault-resistant by closely connecting the involved devices with the decision-making cycle of your IoT technology.
Ensure complete safety of your IoT solutions using our wide range of evaluation and testing measures. Make your smart systems more reliable and fault-resistant by closely connecting the involved devices with the decision-making cycle of your IoT technology.
Streamline your corporation with IoT
Our experts will ensure that your software’s UI is easy to work with and that it attracts your consumers instead of scaring them off. Reduce downtime costs and prevent software failures by running virtual simulation tests on digital twins of your product. Build your software infrastructure based on the most safe, powerful and advanced IaaS service providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
Implement advanced IoT decisions
Be ahead of your customer’s requirements and demands by using our IoT systems based on the machine learning technologies that provide client-specific forecasts and insights.
Virtual Electronics’ experts can develop innovative IoT solutions that meet all the requirements, standards and trends in your industry and increase your company’s growth and product efficiency. With us your company will grow into a strong market player with fundamental advantages, IoT monetization strategy and data-driven solutions that leave competitors behind.
Our team can help you develop and implement the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions that use data to prevent threats and predict events.
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