Chatbot Development
Chatbot Development
What is Chatbot Development?
Virtual Electronics is always ready to help you develop a virtual helper tailored according to your businesses’ needs and consistent with the best industry practices.

A chatbot is a virtual interviewee that holds discussions with users in accordance to a pre-scripted script. It is a well known methodology, which is productively applied by medium-sized and small companies and big multinational corporations and can be used practically in any area of occupation. A chatbot is one of the well known and swift methods to communicate with consumers. A chatbot can operate 24/7, answering thousands of clients increasing the effectiveness of your communication up to 90% and improving the quality of the conversation. A chatbot is one of the possibilities to rationalize or completely computerize your workflows.

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How it works?
How it works?
Building of chatbots of any comprehensiveness
Step 1
Building of chatbots of any comprehensiveness

We build our chatbots using the most advanced technologies on the market. Our chatbots can learn, understand multiple languages and answer to specific concerns and senses.

This allows them to maintain dialogues naturally, promote sales and add value to your client’s interaction with the company.
Improvement of your enterprise with a chatbot
Step 2
Improvement of your enterprise with a chatbot
Virtual Electronics can reduce your costs and make your company’s existing IT infrastructure even more effective through innovations and outcome orientation. We bring our expert knowledge and professionalism to build a roadmap intended for optimizing your IT infrastructure, events, processes and premises. Our efficient and cost-effective infrastructure management services are aimed to fully automate & unify.
Use benefits from our pro attitude
Step 3
Use benefits from our pro attitude
Our experts are highly competent and professional in IT technologies which makes us perfect for developing, implementing, managing and supporting any projects. We know how to tailor our IT solutions according to the ever-changing needs and requirements of every client as well as the overall business environment with focus on your company’s specifics. We make sure to determine all necessary parameters that will work for your exact company.
Service Details
Service Details
Top competence in IT creation
Virtual Electronics has many years of experience in providing IT operations management of exceptional quality to companies and corporations of levels and economy sectors in a wide geographic range.

Virtual Electronics is a one-stop solution for all your IT operations in terms of building, designing and maintaining a reliable IT infrastructure along with consulting, project managing and support. Though we always tend to use the most advanced technologies, we are capable of working with all types of networks and systems, including the outdated ones. We use modern IT Infrastructure Libraries along with the unified and well-tested solutions that help us ensure that your IT operations are in pace with your business requirements.
Personalized IT decisions
By implementing only well-tested solutions and services we reduce your development and support expenses, provide intuitive means of measuring your teams’ and product’s performance and ensure that your business strategy is in line with industry standards and best practices. With our help you can be sure that even the most complicated projects are executed in time, in good quality and in full compliance with all the latest applicable regulations and laws such as GDPR.

We propose the next chatbot possibilities

- Retail and e-trade. In these areas, the bot will assist responding to queries about a good or service, handle consumer orderings, dispatch advertising actions and unique proposals, create a client base with email accounts, telephone numbers, priorities, and other data. It will also assist monitoring the plans of sales, promoting the activity of the call centers and traders

- Hotel Industry and Tourism. The bot will assist you by selecting and booking a trip relying on the geo and finance priorities of the customer. It will accelerate and enhance user maintenance before and over the tour period. It will assist book lodging, sightseeing tours, occasion, inns, leasing an automobile.

- Financial sphere. The bot will decrease the downtime in client support, assist resolve issues associated with operations and reporting. It ensures the data on tariffs, banking services and their localization.
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