Consulting and Implementation
Consulting and Implementation
What is Consulting and Implementation?
Professional consulting and implementation for all your IT needs We bring all our professionalism and knowledge to provide outstanding consulting and implementation services for your business.

We are constantly focused on understanding and satisfying your needs. We proactively connect planning, developing and implementation processes with ongoing analysis to make sure the new solutions are in line with your challenges and goals.

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How it works?
How it works?
Industry auditing
Step 1
Industry auditing
Our experts will introduce you to all the details of the service, guide you through its ups and downs, ensure that the proposed solutions are in line with your needs and take care of all technical requirements. We will define and suggest the easiest and most appropriate ways of integration followed by project execution and adjustment. With VE you will receive an agile and cost-effective IT Service Management solution that will drive your product’s performance & automate your key services in accordance with the latest ITIL practices
Personalized decision making
Step 2
Personalized decision making
We offer a solution that will increase efficiency of your outdated systems through uniting them into a single service managing system focused on your end users. Our experts will verify and adjust your critical data located in different sources and safely transfer it to a cloud server with further adaptation to a new cloud data model. We will determine your key needs along with the most suitable client introduction and adoption strategy.
Phase of realization
Step 3
Phase of realization
VE can provide you with integrated cloud modules that make complying with multiple regulations, laws and policies, both internal and external, easier and more effective for your company. This module will ensure adherence to applicable international, national and corporate threat prevention and data protection rules and requirements and help you to safely go through certification procedures.
Service Details
Service Details
Coordination and control check
It is hard to orientate the broad and volatile universe of IT technique. You may simply commit an error by selecting very costly or inexpensive decisions. And out crew will assist you with this problem as follows:

• Evaluation of the present state
• Research of industry operations and company's requirements
• Search the rational IT decision
Preparing of documents - guidelines, interpretation of needs, etc.
Streamline of your IT systems
We will improve your IT assets and provide the optimal equilibrium between the requirements. Correct IT improvement will decrease expenses and extend possibilities for enterprise growth. It can be a determinant in the success of any corporation. The purpose of improving intra corporate IT systems is to built a proactive, versatile infrastructure that can maintain shifting company's requirements.
Creation of private decisions
A profound research of client needs enables us to manufacture contemporary, safe, and excellent quality programs. We propose to our clients the most advanced decisions that not only assist in keeping up with the times, but also enable getting in front of the rivals.
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