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Platform Development
Platform Development
What is Platform Development?
Current business types, procedures, and data are defined by a high level of custom settings and permanent shifts. Therefore corporations are aggressive to respond instantly to new market requests. A working platform as a toolkit is the engineering base for solution such issues.

In contrast with the IaaS (infrastructure as a service) conception, you obtain much more than just hardware. And in comparison with the conception of SaaS (software as a service), you receive not only program but as well a universal infrastructure that enables you to evolve, carry out and incorporate your own software straight in the cloud.

Our developers have years of experience in various development spheres that allows them to set up any type of DBs, clouds, etc. We offer you a set of solutions created to satisfy your needs. Besides that, the platform created for you will take advantage of cloud functions that provide ready access, multiplatformity and reliable protection, which cuts back on work for engineers.
How it works?
How it works?
Platform design
Step 1
Platform design
Cloud platform for app designing offers well-organized application framework and architecture. It helps the developers work speedily and ensures unprecedented connection opportunities and perfect processing capacity. Virtual environments ensure fast designing of platforms, provide necessary tools and reduce the time for market entering, which makes your business more reliable and large-scale.
Possibilities of  work
Step 2
Possibilities of work
Applications built on platforms are simpler to use and cost-effective as there is no need for additional technical equipment for maintenance, constant control and software administration thanks to the framework virtualization. A lot of companies that take advantage of SaaS or cloud-based platforms use them not only for app designing but also for data storing as it is a secure way providing possibilities of joint work.
 Implementation and Protection
Step 3
Implementation and Protection
Enterprises that decided to take advantage of cloud-based platforms can be confident in their data protection as the data kept in cloud undergoes encryption coding and is transferred via secure connection, which completely prohibits data trespass for hackers and ensures security and risk tolerance.
Service Details
Service Details
Varieties of platforms
Our developers are able to design platforms for payment systems, power-handling, collection of statistical information, etc. Our architects are able to create a product from ground zero.

Our developers apply up-to-date Developer Operations methodologies that ensure unstoppable activity of our services. A large number of people take advantage of platforms designed by our experts.
Capabilities of platforms
We offer: designing of effective server side apps, Implementation of interfaces for use by software engineers, Software development tools for work simplification, Collection, analysis and handling of a large bulk of data, Smooth interop of platforms, on-site soft and various solutions, Data and design environments protection, 24/7 support.
For each platform we propose:
- Toolkit for building
We ensure a kit of tools necessary for program creation. They involve a resource code editor, debugging, translator, and others. There is a opportunity to update and append new characteristics. But usually our PaaS proposals involve all that programmers require to build their annexes.

- Intermediate software
Platform modernization tools usually enable Intermediate programs, so programmers do not require generating them on their own. This type of programs connects client software with the operating system of a device. It is needed to run the annex, but end consumers do not contact with it.

- Databank
We administer and maintain databanks. And we supply programmers with databanks accessing and supporting functionality.
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