10 Key Reasons to Invest in a Website Redesign!
10 Key Reasons to Invest in a Website Redesign!

10 Key Reasons to Invest in a Website Redesign

Good sites increase customer confidence in both the site and the company. Inconvenient, outdated, confusing, half-empty sites reduce trust and cause serious damage to a company’s reputation. Naturally, web design trends are changing, and user requirements for the functions and structure of the site are changing too. In this case, redesign allows a company to move to a new level. Based on the analysis and audit, the main aspects of usability are being worked out, and the site is becoming more customer-oriented.

You may mistakenly believe that the redesign of the site implies only the implementation of certain changes, as well as refinement of the design. In fact, this process, in addition to improving the design, includes the refinement and/or elimination of unnecessary functions, the improvement of usability, and many other necessary operations.

If you’re hesitating about investing in your website redesign, we’ve explored a list of 10 excellent reasons to take a step into the future full of new customers with the help of a Website Redesign.

1. Website – the Face of the Company

Website – the Face of the Company

A modern user just needs a few clicks of the mouse to compare your site with the site of your competitor. If a competitor’s project will look like candy, and yours will look like a schoolchild’s craft in his spare time, consider this bad news for you.

If you write that you are a successful company, one of the leaders in your industry, and provide the highest quality services, and your site gives errors on every second page, people will not believe you. Moreover, this is true when it comes to goods and services of the middle and high price segment. It is hardly possible to trust a company that does not want to invest some money to bring its own website to a normal state.

2. You Want Better Business Results

You Want Better Business Results

You consider that your website is cool, but better business results are absent. Don’t say that the crisis affects sales. Remember that any crisis is a time of change and redesign can help achieve the desired result with the least effort.

When entering the site for the first time, any person first evaluates the site’s design, usability, and beauty. The visual design of the web resource directly affects whether a client stays here or immediately closes the page to continue searching elsewhere. In the professional design environment, there is such a point of view that the design of the site should be updated at least once every two-three years, and sometimes even more often.

3. Correction of Old errors

Correction of Old errors

Complicated and illogical navigation, unoptimized graphics, software errors, buggy scripts, etc. – this is not the whole list of errors that outdated sites commit. In the process of redesigning, you can get rid of all this by correcting technical errors and leaving on the pages only those elements that are really necessary and will help your company to find and satisfy new customers.

It is believed that the main design principle of Steve Jobs was the belief that the perfect design is not one in which there is nothing to add, but one in which there is nothing to take away.

4. New Technologies and Features

New Technologies and Features

In the field of web development, even in a year, impressive changes can occur. Naturally, when the speech is going about several years, this means that to invest in a website redesign is a good decision. New technologies, new requirements, and new opportunities – all this can be introduced in the process of redesign.

Also, you can add new functionality that will make using the site even more convenient. In this regard, the difference between the site created in 2017 and 2020 can be simply huge.

5. The Website Looks Unattractive

The Website Looks Unattractive

The proverb that says that the first impression is created “by clothes” is true not only for people but also for web resources. If a user who visits the site is not pleasantly impressed by its style and convenience, then one can quickly leave and then never return. As you know, this first impression is formed very quickly – in the first few seconds on the site. Attracting visitors and retaining attention is the task of a good design, which professional specialists can create. If the design is “bad”, then the guest will most likely be lost for your resource.

6. The Buyer Journey Is Too Complicated on Your Website

The Buyer Journey Is Too Complicated on Your Website

One of the main disadvantages that many sites consider their “sin” is inconvenient navigation. If a client has to think a lot about the way to get to another page, and the idea of ​​your product or service does not become obvious at the first moment, then a person may simply disappear from your website. A client will simply go to another site, with a more clear presentation of the material and interesting design.

Only those who are very interested in your product or service will agree to continue traveling on a resource in such conditions. However, even highly motivated clients still need to be attracted somehow. Usually, people who encounter even minor inconveniences simply click on the page close icon.

7. Your Product or Your Service Has Changed

Your Product or Your Service Has Changed

Nothing stands still, including your business. If you scale it, increase coverage, and master new areas of activity, then redesigning an existing site may help you to achieve new business goals.

Another option: previously, your product or service was aimed at corporate clients, and now you are switching sharply to ordinary users, changing your marketing strategy. In this case, your current site will speak different languages to its visitors and will no longer respond to its content. In this case, a redesign is the best way to adapt your new business language to your customers’ needs.

How to understand that your products or services have changed so much that the site is not keeping up with them? Everything is simple.
A website promotes the right product for the wrong audience if:
– Clients get to you in different ways, but not through the site (or the site’s share is very small).
– Buyers consider your product or service good enough, but with a scary or bad design.
– Old regular users love your site, but there is no influx of new ones.

8. You Need to Be Better Than Your Competitors!

You Need to Be Better Than Your Competitors!

Sites are constantly evolving, each year offering more and more effective solutions and simplifying processes that used to look ugly and bulky.

Such changes are especially relevant if your market is very competitive. Archaic design and the antediluvian inconvenient interface will not help you stand out against the background of more modern sites of competing companies. Usually, it can be advised to take the best of everything already implemented on analog sites, adapt all these ideas to your needs, and bring a little new, wrapping it all in a juicy and tasty design.

Another conclusion follows from this: if you come up with something cool and convenient, your competitors will also try to copy these solutions on their sites.

9. Your Site Is Ranking Bad in the Search Engines

Your Site Is Ranking Bad in the Search Engines

It is often possible to understand whether a redesign is needed after a banal study of the TOP of Google’s issuance. There is the main query, which ranks your site (for example, “how to buy a car”), drive it into a search, and look at competitors’ sites. If there are not many noticeable differences between your site and search resources, it’s possible to postpone the redesign. When all or almost all are significantly different, you need to act. At the same time, it is advisable to research the TOP not alone, but with the involvement of employees and customers (potential customers).

You need to check not only from a computer but also from mobile devices. Check not only the design but also convenience, speed, etc. Your site should be mobile-friendly.

10. Usability Problems

Usability Problems

The fact that the site should be convenient for visitors, as well as to have an understandable structure and convenient navigation, has been said more than once. If this is not done, then users quickly leave the site, and orders are not received. To understand how convenient your site is in use, you can objectively use web analytics services, such as Google Analytics. Competently make an analysis of usability can professionals in this field.

The EndLine

There are enough reasons for the redesign. Sites have long established themselves as an effective tool for doing business, and much attention has been paid to their improvement. They are constantly evolving, changing, adapting to new conditions. To invest money in your website, redesign means to increase profits in several times. However, to ensure that these investments are not aimless or ineffective, you should trust your site redesign only to experienced developers. If you have not attracted them before, then now is the time to do it.

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