EmTech Asia
EmTech Asia
Hey there!

Do you remember the world's most influential EmTech Asia emerging technology exhibition, convention and conference, which was to be held in Singapore in early August 2020?
Luckily, this amazing event will be held this summer despite the Covid-19 restrictions! Join the first-ever EmTech Asia virtual conference and exhibition online on 4-6 of August 2020.

How can we be so sure? Virtual Electronics is the outsourcing partner of EmTech Asia 2020. We know everything.

Don't miss out on the emerging technology that matters! All you have to do is:

1. Register via EmTech Asia official website www.emtechasia.com to attend.

2. Write to your personal manager to get special perks as a client of Virtual Electronics.

Stay safe while enjoying a 3-days intellectual conversation,
Virtual Electronics Team